+ABOMINABLOOD (Argentina)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Subterranean Prophecy"
(Finlandia)[Dunkelheilt Prods]-"Gods... Demo '91"
+AMON GOETH (Republica Checa)[Nazgul’s Eyrie Prods]-“The Worship”
+ANAGATHON (Peru)[Black Breath Recs]-"Death to Posers (Demo Reh. '89-'90)"
+ANTICHRIST (Peru)[Into the Abyss Domains Prod]-"Pax Moriendi"
+ATHANATOS (Chile)[Sulphuric Revelation Prods]-"First Ritual at the Altar Sacrifice"

+BLACK HORDES SCORN (Paraguay)[Destruktor Recs]-“Live Scorn V-VII-XI”
+BLACK FUNERAL (Argentina)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Bad Child"
+BLACK SERPENT (Australia)[Shadownight Recs]-“Shadowside Devilcosm”
(Peru)[Destruktor Recs]-"Curse in the Depths"
+BLACK VORTEX (Chile)[Street Metal Blasphemy Prod]-"Vision of Chaos"
+BODE PRETO (Brasil)[Into the Abyss Domains Prod]-"Mystic Massacre"
+BOKLUK (España)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Moat Realm"
+BURNING HATRED (Holanda)[Morbid Skull Rec]-“Carnage”
+BURIED (Chile)[Street Metal Blasphemy Prod]-"Buried Alive, En vivo Devastación Metálica"

(Peru)[Oratorivm Rec]-"The Grimoire of Solomonari"
+CAEDES CRUENTA (Grecia)[Austral Holocaust Prod]-"Ερείπια ψυχών"
+CENTINEX (Suecia)[Morbid Skull Rec]-“Doomsday Rituals”
(Finlandia)[Slava Prods]-"Demo I"
+CHRISFUCK (Grecia)[MercyFul Hell Prods]-"Hellgoat Militia"

+DEATHSLAÜGHTER (Brasil)[Old Skull Rec]-“Apokalypse”
+DEKAPITED (Chile)[Morbid Skull Rec]-“Sin Misericordia”
(Suecia)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-“ Death's Striking Wings”
+DEGOTTEN (Chile)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Hexentrost"
+DEMOLITION STEEL (Chile)[Street Metal Blasphemy Prod]-"There Is No Hope, Just Decay"
+DEMONIC LUST (Chile)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"Demo I"

+DEVOTION (Chile)[Mouth of Madness Rec]-"Far Beyond all Light"
+DISFLESH (España)[Slava Prods]-"Warmaggeddon"

+EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grecia)[Kill Your Self Prod]-"The Inevitable of the Judeochristian Lie"
(Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Enclosed in a Coffin"
+ENCOMIUM (Bolivia)[ Total Noise Prod]-‘El Dulce olor de la Sangre’
(Chile)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Total Possession"

+GRAVE MIASMA (Inglaterra)[Lapis Lauli Prods]-“Realm of Evoked Doom”
+GRAVE MIASMA (Inglaterra)[Lapis Lauli Prods]-“Endless Pilgrimage”
+GOATSEMEN (Peru)[Austral Holocaust Prods]-"Nahdaan Helvetissa"
(Polonia)[Slava Prods]-"The Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals"

+HADES (Chile)[Self Released]-“Necromantica Obsesion Demo 2016
+HEPTAMERON (Grecia)[Proselytism Prods]-"Grand Masters of the Final Harvest"
+HEPTAMERON (Grecia)[Slava Prods]-"Blessed Be the Name of the Dragon"
+HELLAVENGER (Chile)[Morbid Metal Rec]-“Lord of the Burning Abyss”
+HELL BORN (Polonia)[Pagan Recs]-"Hell-Born"

+HORDA (Chile)[Life Eternal Prod]-"Brevario (Demos)

+IN NOMINE (Chile)[El Conjuro Rec]-"Suerte y Muerte"
+INMORTAL WIZARD (Chile)[SoulReaper Prods]-"Ritus"
+INFERNAL SLAUGHTER (Chile)[Pacto Recs]-"Spilling Blood and Hate"
+INSTANT (Finlandia)[Old Skull Prods]-“Decimation”
+IRON GOAT (Bolivia)[Armada Prods]-"El Pacto"
+INVOCATION (Chile)[Destruktor Recs]-"Seance Part:  I Demo" Incluye Poster
+INVOCATION (Chile)[Oratorivm Recs]-"Seance Part. I"

+KINGDOM (Polonia)[Gravplass Propaganda]-"Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy"
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia)[Xerpens Rex Prods]-"Jodete Jesus"
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia)[Diabolous Prods]-"Horus"

+LORD SATAN (Bolivia)[ Self Released]-“Oculta Ceremonia’

+MALIGNUM (Peru)[Unholy Metal Pestilence Recs]-"Impous Path Towards Decay"

+MARTYRVORE (Usa)[Fukk Off Prod]-"Mayhemic Nuclear Slayer"
+MATTERHORN (Suiza)[Destruktion Recs]-“ Crass Cleansing”
+MASSIVE POWER (Chile)[Alcoholic Distro]-"Massive Power"
+MASSIVE POWER (Chile)[Despreciable Realidad Prods]-"Defeated by Ignorance"
(Chile)[Anti-Life Rec]-"Glorificando a la Deidad"
(Chile)[Anti-Life Recs]-“Ready To Destroy And Kill”
(Usa)[Necruz Recs]-"Devour the Soul"
+MOENEN OF XEZBETH (Belgica)[NWN Prod]-"Ancient Spells of Dakrness..."
+MOLOCH (Ucrania)[Metallic Media Rec]-“Verwüstung”
+MORBID MACABRE (Colombia)[Infernal Horde Prods]-“Damn Goat”
+MUNICION (Argentina)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Black, Speed & Evil"

+NECROHOLOCAUST (Canada)[Morbid Metal Prod]-"Holocaustic Goat Metal"
(Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Pray for Death"
+NECROWRETCH (Francia)[Morbid Skull Rec]-“Satanic Slavery”
(Paraguay)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Ocean of Decay"
+NOCTURNAL GRAVES (Australia)[Veins Full of Wrath Prods]-"Lead Us to the Endless Fire / Sharpen the Knives"
+NON SERVIAM (Peru)[Supertitions Distro]-"Imperio Tirano"
+NOCTURNAL FEAR (USA)[Fist Bang Records]-“Pagan Rites”

+OBEISANCE (Usa)[Peste Negra Prod]-"Infierno Eterno"
+OBSCURE EVIL (Peru)[Unearthead Coffin Prods]-"Midnight Forces"

+OCCULT FORCE (Chile)[The Mercurial Emanations Prods]-“ I'm the Verb, Exalted at Will!!!”
(Chile)[Soul Reaper Prods]-"The Omega of the Alpha"
(Chile)[SoulReaper Prods]-"Enoch"

+PACTO AMEN (Chile)[Sangrienta Alianza Prods]-"Pacto II"
(Filipinas)[Cai Cai Vilu Zine]-"Wreaking Fear and Death"
+POWER FROM HELL (Brasil)[Black Hearts Rec]-"Sadismo"
(Chile)[Carverna Abismal Prods]-“Profave Cvlt”

+PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile)[Carverna Abismal Prods]-“Manifest Rebellion”
(Italia)[Death Deaeler Prods]-"Defunct Existense"
+PRIMORDIAL MASSACRE (Internacional)[Self Released]-"The Law of Club and Mace"
(Brasil)[Arcano Musica]-"Welcome to Death"
+PSYCHIC CRUSH (Grecia)[GoatMarch Prods]-"Demo 1992"
+PUTRID (Peru)[Tahuantinsuyo Recs]-“The Thriumph of Impurity”
+PUTREFACTIO (Chile)[Sentenced to Grave Prod]-"Sagitta"

(Peru)[Destruktor Recs]-"Ensayo 06/06/12"
(Peru)[Self Released]-“Grimorium Verum”
+RIOTOR (Canada)[Total Desaster Prods]-"Rusted Throne"
+RUINED (Chile)[Death Doom and Darkness Manifestation Prods]-“Descent Into Oblivion”

+SEPULCHRAL WHORE (Chile)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Everlasting Morbid Delights"
+SEPTICEMIA (Grecia)[--]-“ Sabbath Conventions”
+SOUL'S PYRE (Chile)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"Sacrophagist Demon Awakening"
+STUTTHOF (Grecia)[Lapis Lazuli Prods]-"And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust"
+SUPAY (Bolivia) [Self Released]-“Iskay”

+TRANSGRESOR (Bolivia)[Fuck Music]-"Ensayo 1996"
(Republica Checa)[Slava Prods]-"Antikrist"

+VIOLENT SCUM (Chile)[Proselytism Prods]-"Festering in Endless Decay"
(Argentina)[Disembodied Recs]-"Bacterya"

(Finlandia)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"Diablerie + Rehearsal 2017 a.s."
+WITCHCRAFT (Finlandia)[Goat Vomits Prods]-"Nigtmare Göetia"


+FLESH HUNTER ANALASSAULTERS / IN NOMINE (Chile)[El Conjuro Recs]-"Shoot if You have Gunpowder"
+SUPREMATIVE (España)/Aiμα (Grecia)[Putrid Cult Rec]-"Blood Chalices from the Impure"
+DEATHLY SCYTHE/HORDA (Chile)[Life Eternal Prod]-"Split"
+HEADACHE / JUNGLE YUPPIES (Finlandia)[Old Skull Prods]-“ Headache / Jungle Yuppies
+KULTO MALDITO (Bolivia) / GOAT SKULL (Mexico)[Diabolous Prods]-“Maldita Comunion de los Chivos”
+HADEZ (Peru) / GOD'S FUNERAL (España)[Discos Me Cago En Dios]-"Bicefalo Culto Ancestral"

+RINCON Recs: ‘THRASH S.A Vol. 3’: Elektrash, Epilepsia, Hate, Horcas, Ripper, Terror Squad, Raza, Imperium y The Zephyr.



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